Michael Smith Gallery

Wounaan Rainforest Basket Show & Sale at Princeville Community Center in Kauai, Hawaii

The finest baskets ever woven
Some baskets are over 1000 stitches per square inch
Baskets range from 1 inch diameter to 20+ inches

Antique Navajo and Pueblo Textiles from the 1870s to the 1950s

Antique Navajo and Pueblo Textiles

Pueblo Mantas , Chief's Blankets , Navajo Wearing Blankets
Saddle Blankets , Transitional Blankets , Natural Rugs
Hubbell Trading Post Rugs , Klagetoh Trading Post Rugs
Teec Nos Pos Trading Post Rugs
Two Grey Hills Trading Post Rugs
YeiBiChai Weavings and Pictorial Rugs
Vegetal Dyed Weavings