Michael Smith Gallery

We are in Santa Fe now to continue our antique Navajo textile and Wounaan Rainforest basket gallery.
Look forward to seeing you!

Click on the photo to see all Wounaan baskets.

Wounaan Rainforest Baskets

The finest baskets ever woven
Baskets range from 1 inch diameter to 20+ inches
Three Categories:
Black & White Cultural Design
Colorful Cultural Design
Rainforest Design

Click on the photo to see all antique Navajo and Pueblo Textiles from the 1870s to the 1950s

Antique Navajo and Pueblo Textiles

Pueblo Mantas , Chief's Blankets , Navajo Wearing Blankets
Saddle Blankets , Transitional Blankets , Natural Rugs
Hubbell Trading Post Rugs , Klagetoh Trading Post Rugs
Teec Nos Pos Trading Post Rugs
Two Grey Hills Trading Post Rugs
YeiBiChai Weavings and Pictorial Rugs
Vegetal Dyed Weavings